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"Snack Break" 

Philadelphia, PA

Virtual Dance Showcase 

A virtual, evening length showcase of dance performance works that are developed in or inspired by the street dance vernacular. Featuring works from artists in New York City, North Carolina, Los Angeles, and Denver, CO. 

Come Together 2019 _ Suzanne Roberts The
"I Didn't Say Those Things for Nothing'" 
Come Together Festival, Philadelphia, PA
Suzanne Roberts Theater, November, 2019 

Utilizing gesture, street dance styles, improvisation, and live spoken word, "I Didn't Say Those Things for Nothing," is a physical reflection and exploration of guilt in its various forms and stages. The concepts explored in the creation of this work were derived from the artist's experience, recognizing various themes such as powerlessness, imposter syndrome, and ego. 

The Good Foot Podcast 
Brooklyn, NY 

"The Good Foot Podcast is an educational platform for individuals motivated by the artists who pave their path through the street dance community. It serves as a hub for honest conversation about the diverse perspectives on the origins, dissemination, current state, and future of the culture." 

The initial development and premiering season of The Good Foot Podcast were made possible by a collaboration between artists and hosts Emily Pietruszka and Quilan "Cue" Arnold. The podcast is currently produced and hosted by Quilan "Cue" Arnold. Check it out! Stay informed!

"Optical Delusions"
Boulder, CO
ATLAS Black Box Theater, April 2015

Optical Delusions utilizes elements of live stream projection, dance for camera, shattered mirrors, and dynamic movement to comment on the cyclical nature and properties of spacetime; ultimately questioning the power of choice. How do the properties of spacetime and gravity influence our perceived "fate?" Do we have more power over our lives than we think? 

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