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"In a society that profits from your self-doubt, loving yourself is a radical act!" 

Emily leads a warm up rooted in breath awareness and muscle activation  - November 2019.




Emily Pietruszka is a Philadelphia, PA-based professional trainer, certified nutrition coach,  and pre-post natal trainer. She is a professional dancer and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Emily has worked independently and within commercial and small business contexts such as Crunch Fitness (New York, NY), and Mind Body Fitness NYC. She specializes in strength training for women, functional training for dancers, pre-post natal strength training, and group strength training.

Emily began Embodied By Em in 2021. EBE's training philosophy is firmly grounded in holistic wellness, the mind-body connection, and goal setting.

"The human body functions as a highly complex machine. We are only as good as our weakest parts. The path to wellness consists of anatomical and nutritional education, with perseverance found through a strong investment in the self. The wellness of the mind directly correlates to body function and vice versa, and a strong foundation is solidified in holistic health and education."

Embodied By Em is dedicated to helping clients discover their potential through specific goal setting and cultivating a commitment to self-love and sustainability. She believes in relationship building and accountability as the primary agents for change.

Samantha Weese, Denver, CO

I started training with Emily just a few months ago and even after just one session I was inspired and excited to keep learning from her.  As a dancer myself, I greatly appreciate working with a fellow dancer who can help me target and strengthen muscles I need to work on so I can have the ability to safely and effectively expand in my movement and heal old injuries.  She has also helped me to understand fitness and training on a deeper level and has given me the confidence to train knowing that I am doing so in the safest most efficient manner for my body.  I now see the importance in training outside of my regular exercise and dance training so my body can be strong and healthy for the rest of my life. Thank you Emily! 

Kaylee Rickert, Oklahoma City, OK

Emily was so wonderful in helping me adjust to being pregnant. I was having twins and i was hurting a lot and she provided me with tools and exercises to help relieve pressure & pain! 

I cannot wait to be able to follow up with her for post partum exercises! 

She will get you right & design a workout plan that works best for you, your schedule & your life!

Emily is the absolute best!

Jeannine B., New York City, NY

Old lady flat butt...that's what I had before working out with Emily. Less jiggles now! I haven't looked or felt this good EVER! My balance has improved and my strength and endurance have increased. I highly recommend emily.

Nic Moorman, Brooklyn, NY

In the short period of time I have been a client of Emily's, I have exceeded both physical and mental training goals. Emily has fostered a holistic improvement in my body awareness, physicality, and flexibility. Whether via zoom or in person, she provides specific and encouraging feedback to ensure I know the proper form and benefits of each exercise we do together. I went from avoiding the gym, to looking forward to our workouts every week.

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